Thank You Flowers Kenya – Unique Appreciation Gifts & Bouquets

Send flowers To Say “Thank You” at Gifts and Flowers Kenya. Nothing says Thank You more than a fresh flower delivery. No deed is too big or small for a special flower arrangement from Gifts and Flowers Kenya. Show your gratitude by ordering a professionally and perfectly put together bouquet hand-delivered to the door.

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Sweet Love Hatbox Bouquet

KShs 7,000

Bright Love Bouquet

KShs 3,500

Mega 100 Yellow Roses

KShs 6,000

Brilliant Flowers

KShs 6,000

Lovely Royal Bouquet

KShs 6,000

Grand Roses and Prosecco

KShs 8,800

Grand Gesture

KShs 5,400

Seductive Red Roses Bouquet

KShs 2,800

Chocolate Bounty & Roses

KShs 6,000

Red Roses Basket

KShs 4,500

Blushingly Beautiful Box

KShs 8,000

Red Roses Choco Bouquet

KShs 7,800

Jack Daniels Hamper

KShs 14,000 KShs 10,800

100 Mixed Roses Bouquet with Chocos

KShs 8,600

Mixed Roses Hat Box

KShs 5,400

Pink Charm

KShs 6,800

100 Mixed Roses Bouquet

KShs 6,200

Bunch of 50 Mixed Roses

KShs 3,200

Citrust Splash

KShs 4,500 KShs 4,000

Memorable Love

KShs 5,500

Beautiful Red Mishy Roses

KShs 3,400

Chocolate Flower Bouquet

KShs 4,500

Chocolate Heart Box

KShs 8,500

Customized Hat Shape Box

KShs 6,500