Wedding Flowers in Kenya – Stunning Wedding Bouquets Delivered

Flowers have the power to transform the look and feel of your wedding day. We have stunning flowers guaranteed to make your big day special. Our dedicated team of expert wedding florists will help you bring your vision to life and will make sure to add those important personal touches for the bride and groom, bridesmaids and ushers, special guests and venue decorations.

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Moet & Rose Flowers Combo

KShs 12,000

Moet & Chandon Rose Bouquet

KShs 12,000

Jack Daniels Hamper

KShs 14,000 KShs 10,800

Moet & Roses Heart Shaped Box Combo

KShs 15,000

Moet & Flower Gift Combo

KShs 14,500

100 Mixed Roses Bouquet with Chocos

KShs 8,600

100 Mixed Roses Bouquet

KShs 6,200

Rose Lilly

KShs 5,200

Beautiful Red Mishy Roses

KShs 3,400

Chocolate Flower Bouquet

KShs 4,500

Chocolate Heart Box

KShs 8,500

Customized Hat Shape Box

KShs 6,500

Super Love Box

KShs 9,600

Fantastic Scent

KShs 19,200

Lux Hat Red Roses

KShs 5,000

Lovely Hamper

KShs 9,500

Huge Flower Bouquet

KShs 7,800

Flower Vase Choco Package

KShs 12,200

Flower Victoria Secret Set

KShs 10,800

I Love You Trio

KShs 12,000

Lovable Gift

KShs 9,500

Pink Roses with Helium Balloons

KShs 6,000

Blissful Box Bouquet

KShs 5,500 KShs 5,000