How to Send Flowers Online

Sending flowers is a great way to show affection to someone special. Not only are flowers a wonderful gift, but they carry a message that speaks directly to our hearts. Flowers often give meaning to those deeper emotions that words alone don’t have the weight to carry.

When you want to send flowers in Kenya as a gift, the first thing to consider is the recipient’s personality. Their favorite color and fragrance are areas you can draw inspiration from. This will show them you really pay attention to the little things and add more charm to the gesture.

Of course, the occasion that you’re buying the flowers for means a lot, too. For anniversaries, Carnations, Hydrangea, and Calla Lillies are excellent choices. A bouquet of an assorted mix of flowers will make an ideal gift for birthdays.

Combinations like Rose and Honeysuckle or Lilly of the Valley with Hawthorn are a dazzling combination that will really impress whoever you give them to.

For a Mother’s day celebration, you can never go wrong with a full bouquet of red Roses or White Roses, which you can purchase freshly cut, or get us to help you order some from your nearest florist.

Gifts and Flowers provides you with floral bundles from a wide range of local florists – meaning that you can send flowers for every occasion, perfectly packaged. And with worldwide delivery, you can always rely on us, wherever you may be.

The Kenya Collection.

The world’s most sought after luxury floral ensembles are now available in a vase near you at surprisingly affordable prices and with an extended array of Gifts! Featuring international brands, sleek designs, clean cuts, and elegant accessories – our chic international ensembles have been thoughtfully crafted to suit urban sensibilities. Gift in style and choose from our vast collection of Flowers, Hampers, Soft Toys, Perfumes etc.

The most precious flowers in Kenya.

People in Kenya are genuinely fond of flowers – they also like to send and receive flowers to express different emotions. Kenya has been appraised as the fourth largest exporter of exotic flowers by worth and volume ranking behind the Netherlands and Columbia. So you can well imagine the variety of exotic blooms that one can find here. No wonder that flowers are intricately interwoven around every occasion observed in Kenya.

Celebrating love and happiness in Kenya with flowers.

Mother’s love is considered sacred in Kenya like the rest of the world. Sending Mother’s Day flowers is therefore very popular. You can now avail same day flower delivery Nairobi to mark this special day. To send love to your dearest Mother, lilies are considered to be the most appropriate. You can find the freshest lilies at every Gifts and Flowers shop in both pink and white shades.

Placing an order online is made easy with our website. You can now send flowers online to Kenya to your friends and family members living there. You may choose by occasion or flower type, with each option containing a selection of suitable bouquets.

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